The…old way to manicure! 

Hello ladies! 💅

And i say ladies because this post is mostly for our sweethearts!

Did you know that manicure actually began more than 5.000 years ago? No, we’re not going to talk about the manicure history but it really surprised me!

I’m going to take you back to the late 30s – early 40s.

As you probably know already, the most common color of all time was, and still is, red!

Marilyn Monroe!
Rita Hayworth at Blood and Sand – 1941!
Rita Hayworth at Blood and Sand – 1941!


However, they used to do that half-moon manicure which was indeed very hard! I have never tried something like that on my nails but i definitely should. I suppose it will take some time till i manage to make it correctly!


To be honest, that almond type of nails isn’t really my thing since i prefer the more squoval ones but i’ll give it a try!



So as you can see at the image below, the colors were slowly changing through the years.

IMG_5938 (1)

You can easily tell that as the years go by, the colors become darker. The only color that remains elegant and always in fashion, is red! I don’t hate dark colors, since i use them too sometimes, but is it bad that i LOVE 1950s colors? 😍

IMG_3013 (1)
from a photoshoot i did sometime ago

So let’s see. Despite the time period, there was another factor of choosing what nail color to use (as there is nowadays too). The occasion. If a lady had to go to work, she had to use something less extreme let’s say. But she could use a red color for her night out.


Finally, the polish colors were being chosen considering the hair color of a lady. For instance, a blonde lady would prefer a more pink color, while brunettes the more coral ones.

IMG_5936IMG_2939 (1)


So that’s all about it! Now if you want to have a more vintage look you know what nail polish to use! However, keep in mind that these are only some standards of how things worked. You can use any color you like to create your look! Even though i’m more of a 40s-50s fan, i use colors of all decades in my everyday routine. 


I hope you liked the post! Leave your comment below to let me know of your favorite color polish!See you at my next post lovelies!

A Vintage Athenian! 💋



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