Retro Tourism!

Hello darlings! 

I thought i should talk a little bit about my field today: Tourism! 🌞


The tourism industry is one of the biggest in my country so while i was doing a research, i found some amazing retro posters from some tour operators from the 40s – 60s! The colors are incredible and they really got my attention!!


As one of the ”moments of truth” in the hospitality industry says, the first impression is always important! If you like a picture of a place, a hotel etc, you will be motivated to visit it!



That’s why nowadays technology and social media influence the guests and the reputation of a place is highly affected by the internet. But since Facebook or booking didn’t exist back then, the tour operators had to find another way to attrack the tourists’ attention.

900_Athens Greece vintage poster

They had to make significant posters with intense colors and realistic designs to achieve that. And trust me, they were indeed very realistic and close to reality! Take a look at the posters below.



900_Vintage Travel Poster for Island Mykonos in Greece

The places shown were, and still are in a way, exactly like the posters! To be completely honest with you, i don’t know why, but these posters get my attention way easier than an internet advertisment. Maybe it’s because i love the retro element they have which makes them cuter. They remind me of some 50s – 60s cartoons i used to watch when i was little so they bring back many beautiful memories! ❤️


Franz Krauszd115d059fbc089d0d8cec979401522d7

What about you though? Do you prefer technology or do you like these kind of advertisments? If so, which one was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!


Thank you so much for reading! See you all at my next post!!

A Vintage Athenian 💋



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