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So today we’re going to talk about shampoos that were used back in the 50s.


Some of them still exist in the market but of course nowadays we have plenty of amazing safe products available. And I say safe because back then not all of the shampoos were safe! For instance, Lindane was a product that needed a doctor’s prescription. If one would use it more than once, some side effects were likely to be occurred. What kind of side effects? Even deadly ones! 😟So let’s not talk but Lindane cause it pretty much freaks me out! 



Sunsilk is a shampoo that still exists and appeared in the market around 1954 in the UK. Then, in 1955 it was advertised on TV and in 1959 Sunsilk was available in 18 countries worldwide! It was indeed one of the greatest shampoos in market since it needed only one application to make your hair look great! 

From The Advertising Archives!

”One lather Sunsilk for brighter hair that’s well-behaved – right away!” That’s how Sunsilk shampoos look today!


Helen Curtis ( who started working in the business industry in 1927 ) was the creator of Enden back in the 1950s. A shampoo that was used against dandruff! However, Enden is no longer in market.



Prell was created by Procter & Gamble back in 1947 and was one of the most popular shampoos available! It still exists though!

So if you needed “radiantly clean and radiantly smooth  hair”, you could trust Prell!

That’s how Prell looks nowadays.

So as you can see, shampoos were and still are very important! We are lucky that nowadays shampoos are way more effective!

Question time! Which one of the above would you use? Have you used any of them?

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