I don’t know what to wear: Christmas 40s – 50s Ball – Christmas dinner

Hello darlings!

The most common question you would hear in my house is “I don’t know what to wear!”. No matter if I have a wardrobe full of clothes I still have no idea of what to wear. And this happens to most of the ladies out there.

The gentlemen probably make fun of us for this but we truly struggle to look good all the time! Plus, not all of the occasions are the same. For instance, you can’t wear trousers to a Christmas ball. Well, you can, but a dress or a skirt is more suitable! Or for example I’m not allowed to wear a dress at work so we are all wearing suits. That’s how it works. Every occasion has pretty much a dress code!

Since we are talking about the 40s – 50s, it’s better to let the trousers aside and keep your focus on dresses and skirts for a formal occasion. 👗

Let’s see! First of all you need to decide whether you’re wearing a dress or a skirt. Once you’ve finished with that, you must be sure you know if you’re wearing a swing type dress-skirt or a pencil one!

If we are talking about a ball, the best option is the swing type since it’s more comfortable during dancing!

On the other hand, pencil style is perfect for the Christmas dinner! Very elegant and classy. It’s up to you girl!

Next step is the color!

Don’t get me wrong. You can wear ANY color you like but since it’s a formal Christmas occasion and you want to look too stunning, there are some special colors for you!

The most common colors for Christmas are white, black, green, red and blue. Of course yellow, purple and pink are always a good choice but the first colors are more festive.

However, you need to have in mind that you have to choose a color you like and suits you as well! For example if you think orange ( even though it’s not the best choice for Christmas ) suits you perfectly then go ahead! The best way to look amazing is to feel amazing in your dress-skirt!

If you don’t know which one suits you then your choice should depend on your hair color. For instance since my hair is dark brown, red is my favorite color to wear! Also white and green looks good on brunettes as well. If you have blonde hair, try something blue, red or white. You need to choose a color that makes you shine!

After choosing the color, you need to see whether you’re wearing a long-sleeve dress or a sleeveless one. It was very common for women to wear a sleeveless dress with their coats or with a fur around them during Christmas.

If you are too vulnerable and you get cold easily just choose something with long sleeves to be sure! I do the same because cold isn’t my thing at all! Besides, we aren’t used to too much cold here in Athens so sleeveless dresses during winter, are forbidden for me!


Now that you have an idea of what to wear at a 40s – 50s Christmas ball or at a Christmas dinner, you need to be sure that your shoes and accessories suit with your clothes. Don’t wear too many things, just try to feel pretty! Because when you feel pretty, you look pretty too!

I have found some pictures from the famous 40s White Christmas Ball in Denver, Colorado so you can take some ideas from their clothes! Check them out!





The 40s White Christmas Ball is in a few days and it will definitely be amazing. I’m going to talk to you about it in an upcoming post! I’ll also talk to you about the 40s Snowball that takes place in Athens every Christmas!

I hope you find this post helpful darlings! Also let me know of what you’re wearing this Christmas while I’ll let you know about my dress on my Instagram account! 🎄

Thank you so much for reading lovelies! I’ll see you at my next post!!

A Vintage Athenian! 💋


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