CONTEST (Besame Cosmetics reward): What is vintage for you?

Hello lovelies!

I was thinking the other day that i’ve been changing my clothes, my music taste and generally my style since i was a teenager. I always wanted to be confident with my style, listen to the music that makes me happy or calms me down, but i never realized that this depends on the things we are being through and the things we subconsciously want to achieve.🤔

So we keep changing our style and taste in music till we find what defines us. We might find it instantly but it might as well take many years.


My friends keep asking me why i decided to change my entire style over the 40s-50s eras and how i made that decision.

The answers are pretty simple.

1) it expresses me more than anything right now. 2) it makes me happy. 3) i feel great in that style. 😄

I always loved vintage stuff, vintage cars, clothes, music, but I never got the chance to actually change everything over it! At first I was a little thoughtful about it. I was thinking that people would probably start asking questions because it’s such a different era and it might seem weird to some. But then, after I realized how much positive energy this thing was offering to me, I decided to just forget about what others might think. That’s what I always do but this time, it was a huge decision.🧐


What I’m trying to make clear through this post, is that you should always be yourself! Do what expresses you best and makes you smile. If you think you’re not into some specific style anymore, change it! Don’t think about others’ opinion. Your true friends will keep being there and your loved ones will always support you no matter what.❤️

Vintage for me is a lifestyle full of true entertainment, full of colors, full of people who (most of them) know how to treat you right, people who know what they are fighting for, a lifestyle full of unique music and sounds, full of dancing and singing. Images of Marilyn Monroe having that unique smile, videos of Doris Day singing so beautifully and posters of Elizabeth Taylor being extremely elegant. Movies with the one and only Frank Sinatra and magazines with the amazing Elvis Presley. And these are only a few things I can think of.

And here comes the big question!

                          “What is vintage for you?”🎞


No don’t rush it! I don’t want you to answer by leaving a comment. I want you to make YOUR video in which you will explain what Vintage is for you. Vintage for you might be a song, a movie, a dress, an actor/actress, a friend. Anything. Just express your feelings.


So go make your video and send it to me until the 31st of December at

All of them will be uploaded here and on my Instagram page and the best one will have a gift from the awesome Besame Cosmetics (how exciting?)! The gift is going to be a discount code so that you can buy anything you like! 🎶

Thank you so much for reading lovelies! If you have any questions just let me know in the comments! Don’t forget to share this post!

I’ll see you all on my next update!

A Vintage Athenian 💋


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