Christmas cupcakes recipe!

Merry Christmas darlings! We wish everyone great health, much happiness and unlimited positive energy!

I hope you’re having an amazing Christmas! As i promised, today i’m going to give you my favorite cupcakes recipe! My mother has this recipe since we were little, it’s very easy and it can be a great recipe for a simple cake as well! Ready? Let’s see the ingredients!



  1. one yogurt

  2. one butter bowl (250 grams)

  3. two bowls (use the one from the yogurt) sugar

  4. three bowls (use the one from the yogurt) flour

  5. three eggs

  6. a tablespoon of baking powder

  7. one small cup of cognac

  8. three vanillas

  9. orange scarp

  10. orange juice from one orange


So what you have to do first is add the yogurt, the butter, the eggs and the sugar in your mixer.


You mix them for around 5 minutes in a fast pace and then you add the cognac, the vanilas, the orange scrap and the orange juice.



You mix them really well and finally you add both the flour and the baking powder. Mix them really well.




When you’re done, add the mix into small cupcake cups suitable for baking. I took mine from Pastry Home!


Be sure to insert the cups into another cake mold so that the cupcakes remain small.

Wrong method.
Correct method.

When you’re done, insert the cupcakes in the oven at 190 Celsius. Do not open the oven unless they are ready. They are going to take up to 20 minutes!


The next step is to be creative with some sugar paste and other sweets for the decoration! I took everything from Pastry Home!



It was the very first time i worked with sugar paste so the results are not perfect! But it was really fun!



So i hope you like this recipe! Let me know if you tried it!

Thank you so much for reading darlings! Let me remind you that our contest is still available so if you haven’t seen it, check it out!

I’ll see you on my next post!

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