Back In The 40s Hairstyles! (Women)

Hello darlings!

So since we once talked about vintage sampoos, i had to make a post about the 1940s-1950s hairstyles! Besides, i think every lady out there who is into vintage is interested to know more about them! I might as well do a tutorial about a specific style, so just stay tuned on my Instagram page to vote which hairstyle you want to see on the blog! Also stay tuned gentlemen because a post about Vintage Hairstyles For Men will be here soon! 😎

Rita Hayworth!

To begin with, women back in the 40s used to choose their hairstyles depending on their face shape. For instance, if a lady had a thin face, she used to let her hair down to make it look wider.


By Glamour Daze – Vintage Makeup Guides!

However, even though that’s not really the case nowdays, we should just keep it in mind once we follow the vintage lifestyle.

So since beauty was very important for women especially during the war, they had to look as swell as possible. As we said before, the shampoos they were using were way different than the ones we have now. That could make it a little easier for women to do all those curls and finger waves, since their hair was not that soft.

Elaine Steward!

Women during the late 30s and early 40s used to have short hair with finger waves and rolled curls in the back. If you have short hair and want to achieve this kind of look, be sure to not let any hair fall in your face!


During the early 40s, mature women with long hair used to gather their hair up and away from their faces while some ladies used to have shoulder length hairstyles.

As you can see though, curls were always included in their hairstyles! So if you are a lover of curls, you are in the right era! Also, if your hair is less curly and more soft like mine, then good luck with it! It takes me almost two hours to actually complete a simple finger-waves-hairstyle. The struggle is real girls!


However, there were women with pretty extreme ideas and longer hairstyles! Yes, the well known victory rolls were pretty much an extreme idea back then!

Rita Hayworth at Covergirl during the late 40s!


The victory rolls were very swell back then but not easy to achieve! It would take much time and it needed a lot of effort! If you have never tried to make one, you will never know how tough it is. So give it a try and remind yourself to be patient! Also, if you get mad easily stay away from sharp items.

Then, during 1945 simpler hairstyles were in fashion. Smooth hair but with curls that could reach the shoulders or even longer.

But it gets even easier!

During the late 40s, the hairstyles became even simpler and they would just include softer curls and minimal styles. If you don’t love stunning curls or you think they are to hard to achieve, you are right here!

Furthermore, the braids and buns started being in fashion during the late 40s – early 50s for the teen girls.


As i said, i’ll be doing a poll on my Instagram page about a hairstyle tutorial so just stay tuned ladies!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Thank you so much for reading and have a brilliant week!! 😃

See you all on my next post!

A Vintage Athenian💋




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  1. So don’t ask why, but I just read this piece on hairstyles.. and it was very interesting. 1st Gene Tierney is gorgeous. 2ndly the shampoo making their hair stiff I did not see coming, but that explains why they look so good

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