Spring’s thoughts: TAKE THAT RISK!

Hello darlings!

Spring is officially here (even if it’s still snowing in some places)! I personally LOVE spring since everything flourishes and you can feel it in the air! 💖 

It’s that period when you are more likely to fall in love and you definitely start to feel the summer vibes! 🌸 


Hair accessory, cardigan and dress by my favorite TopVintage Boutique!



When we got into 2018 i decided to actually start taking risks about simply anything. I realized, that even though it didn’t work as well as i wanted to all the times, i gained some amazing experiences. The most risky thing i did was to actually express my feelings to someone really special in my life (i will make another post about love and all kinds of relatiosnhips soon). However, i’m pretty sure he still hasn’t realized how important he is for me and that i could literally travel to the other side of the world for him. But i’m still working on that and of course actions speak louder than words. ❤️️

The thing about taking risks and expressing your thoughts is that not everyone around you is ready to accept it. Many people are afraid to get to know to your feelings and some others keep everything inside. So don’t be disappointed if people don’t seem to appreciate it. Some people need time to get used to it and that’s not bad at all! If you really want someone in your life, give them time and believe me, they will get used to it sooner or later. 

I really think that spring is the perfect period to start changing things and start taking even more risks in your life! If you feel like you want to make a huge change because something doesn’t work well for you, now is the right time! When i made that ”take risks” decision this year, the only way to make it work was to think that i really had nothing to lose! When you have nothing to lose, try it! If you stay in a safe situation you will never move forward in life and nothing exciting will happen unless you give it a try!  Life is too short and thank God, beautiful to stay in your comfort zone no matter your age. But, life doesn’t seem short when you enjoy it to the fullest! I guess we will never get enough, but having an exciting life is definitely helping! ❤️


Hair accessory, cardigan and dress by my favorite TopVintage Boutique!


So, let’s see! Do you feel like you have to go from metal to jazz and you’re afraid of others’ opinion? Not anymore! Go listen to some Count Basie! Do you feel like you have to apologize to your loved ones and you are too scared to do it? Not anymore! Go apologize right now! Do you feel like you want to say someone you miss them, you want to see them or you love them but you are too shy to do so? Not anymore! Go call them or text them! Are you afraid of planes but you want to travel? Not anymore! Go buy tickets, nothing bad will happen! Do you want to wear red lipstick but you don’t like your lips? Not anymore! Your lips are wonderful just like you! Are you feeling uncomfortable because of your body? Not anymore! You are truly beautiful in your own way! Are you afraid to simply message or talk to someone? Not anymore! They are humans, just like you! Are you shy to dance in front of a crowd? Not anymore! DANCE, right now! Are you afraid that people will judge you for your disability? Not anymore! You are unique just like everyone out there! Do you feel uncomfortable with your scars? Not anymore! Scars show who we really are and are truly beautiful! Are you afraid to live? Not anymore! Go out there and LIVE! 🌞 


Hair accessory, cardigan and dress by my favorite TopVintage Boutique!


Don’t forget that no matter how lonely you think you are, you are NEVER alone! There will always be someone to love you and help you no matter what! There will always be someone to support your thoughts and new ideas. So what are you afraid of? TAKE THE RISK! Change what doesn’t help you and enjoy your life to the fullest!

As i said on a post on my Instagram page, if you feel like you need to talk to someone for a simple support, a little motivation or anything, just feel free to message me either via email or through my Instagram account! I would love to help you all take risks and succeed your goals in any way possible! 

Also just a quick tip: Find someone/something that inspires you and think of them/it everyday when you wake up.

Now, question time! What’s the biggest risk you have taken or the craziest thing you have ever done?

Thank you so much for reading darlings! I really hope it helped! ❤️️

Furthermore, this wonderful outfit by TopVintage is exactly what you lovely ladies need for this spring! The spring collection is out there! Go find yours on www.topvintage.net! 🌺 

I’ll see you all on my next post!

A Vintage Athenian💋



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