3 facts about modern girls!

Hello lovelies!

If you are really into the vintage lifestyle as i am, you have probably observed some common differences between modern girls and vintage ones as far as their beauty and fashion routine are concerned. I’m not here to judge anyone since i sometimes follow the modern lifestyle too. The post is basically written for fun and to pretty much compare two defferent lifestyles! ❤️️

Ready? Let’s begin!

1. Different nail color with lipstick.

This is a very common mistake modern ladies do! Girls, girls, girls! 

Your lipstick is supposed to match your nail polish! I always struggle to match my nail polish with my clothes and my lipstick. Well, not at work and not while being in college but during weekends that’s my main struggle, yes! I’m obviously being serious, yes. However, there are some nail polishes that can be combined with different lipstick color. 

Hot Pink Nails - Bold Red Lipstick - Why not! Love it! #nail

For instance, take a look at Marilyn Monroe here. She is wearing red lipstick with a beige-white nail polish which in my opinion, looks perfect! But, i still think that it’s too hard to combine red lipstick with pink nail polish or the opposite.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για marilyn monroe red nails

In other words, if you want to use red lipstick, use red nail polish! Pink lipstick? Pink nail polish! Coral lipstick? Coral nail polish!

Rita Hayworth!


2. Taking care of yourself only when needed.

Something that’s easily noticable about the old times is that ladies back then used to take care of themselves a lot. They would make their hair, their nails, take care of their bodies etc all the time no matter whether they were dating someone. Now, let’s be honest! We, the modern girls, try to avoid all those things if it’s not necessary!

Jenny Karezi!

For instance, we try to avoid shaving all the time because it really takes time! But once you begin wearing skirts and start dressing vintage, you will have to do it A LOT. We never make something special on our hair unless it’s a unique ocassion and we sometimes avoid makeup as well! Which is something really good for both our skin and our hair but you can see the difference between the eras. 


Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για bored shaving lady

However, if you ask me, i love seeing well groomed ladies out there!

No matter your relationship status, it’s nice to take care of yourself once in a while. Take care of your hair, your skin, your body (i’m not talking about makeup and stuff like that here). Do it for you and nobody else! That’s what a vintage lady would do and that’s what a lady who loves herself would do!






3. You can wear flat Oxford shoes and look fancy!

First of all, let’s take a minute to appreciate all of the Oxford shoes out there that have pretty much saved us at every hard situation when we needed to dress classy! 

I have to wear my flat Oxfords very often due to my work and studies and i see a lot of ladies who avoid wearing flat ones because they think they look too…manly? 

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για oxford shoes heel




But trust me, that’s not the case! 

Women back then had pretty much two types of Oxford shoes: the flat ones and the high heels ones. We still have both but even though i love those with the heels too, ladies back then seemed to appreciate the flat ones a lot! First of all, they are way more comfortable and they are as classy as the other ones!


So that’s all! I don’t want to add more facts since i don’t know if you like such posts! 🤔 So please let me know in the comments or on my Instagram page and if you liked it i’ll make a second part!

I hope you enjoyed it and thank you so much for reading! I’ll see you on my next post darlings!

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για 1940s women

A Vintage Athenian💋


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