Old-Fashioned Love

Hello darlings!

As i said on the post about risks, here comes a post about love and relationships, but in a more old-fashioned way! ❤️️


Photo: GM Chris!


Everyone has a different idea of what a relationship is. For instance, a friend of mine loves to have passionate relationships full of adventures, wildness and rock music in the background, while i love to have romantic relationships, full of long talks, trips and old music in the background. However, what stays the same and what everyone wants in a relationship is loyalty, honesty and… love.

Love: a word with a definition that remains the same no matter what someone wants in a relationship. 


I still remember the ”I’ll be seeing you” movie when Mary (Ginger Rogers) and Zachary (Joseph Cotten) decided to get married just after a week of dating! Yes, that’s too soon, i agree.  But if you’ve watched many 40s-50s movies you have probably noticed that the couples say ”I love you” very easily and still, nobody seems to go insane out of anger when they listen to it. It’s actually the opposite. You know what i mean. We ALL get shocked in the bad way when someone says they love us nowadays.  

I was having a conversation about this with a really talented photographer and friend some days ago and what she said really inspired me. She said ”Why should we feel bad by saying i love you to someone? Why is it bad to spread our love? Why should we be scared to admit that we actually love someone? Why should that someone feel bad by receiving love?”

 Because we are afraid to love and be loved. We are afraid to express our feelings. That’s one of the biggest mistakes we make nowadays in comparison with the older days. So since we don’t express our feelings, we forget how it feels to love and be loved and as a result our relationships are not as they should be. That’s why they almost never last long. That’s not just about love though. It’s about expressing our feelings in general whether they are positive or not.


Photo: GM Chris!



What i think, is that love has many kinds. Your love for your family is way different from your love for your partner. Your love for God (if you are a believer) is way different from your love for a friend. But still, it’s love! Spreading love and expressing your feelings shouldn’t be old-fashioned. It shouldn’t be relevant to time. 

Some people are afraid that if they express their feelings, they will end up broken-hearted. That’s a HUGE mistake! I never think of that when i love someone. If we keep thinking that we will end up alone and hurt, we will never move on. Love is definitely connected with the ”Take risks” attitude. Take the risk to express your feelings. Be someone who can be loved! Love without thinking if it’s going to work. Love is a feeling which leads into beautiful actions. ❤️️

What if you love someone and you are with them just for a short period of time? It’s something beautiful and you don’t have to be ashamed of that! I understand that most of you, as do i, think that love is a special feeling but why should time be relevant to that? It might take years to love someone but months to love someone else. Every love is different after all. 


Photo: GM Chris!


So next time you feel like you love someone, don’t panic! Love is the most amazing feeling in the world and if we are not here to spread some love, then what is our purpose? 

However, let me advise you to also love yourself. Sometimes we try too much to give all of our love to others that we forget to love ourselves. We forget to respect ourselves. So always remember to love yourself, smile and be positive. I keep saying that, but trust me. Positivity helps a lot!


Photo: GM Chris!


I hope you liked this post lovelies! Thank you so much for reading!

I’ll see you all on my next post!

A Vintage Athenian💋


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