Writing letters!

Hello darlings!

First of all i’d like to say Happy Easter to everyone in the West while Happy Palm Sunday for us in the Orthodox Church! I wish great health and all the best to you and your loved ones! Also, have an amazing new month! ❤️

So as you might have seen on a post on my Instagram, i love writing letters way more than using social media. However, technology is developing and we have to keep going as well! But writing letters once in a while is not bad at all! It might sound old-fashioned to some, which it is and i love it, but it has a lot of positive parts even for those who prefer the modern days.

Photo: V (Valentiny), Clothing: TopVintage Boutique, Assistance: my beloved grandma!

1. You can express yourself easier.

By saying that, i mean that when writing a letter your hand just keeps writing whatever you have in mind. You can even draw a line above your words or even show your feelings through your letters! Are your letters the same when you have plenty of time with those when you are in hurry? Or are they the same when you’re crying with when you’re happy? Give it a try and take a look at the differences! They even change depending on the time you are writing. If it’s morning and you are not tired, they will most likely look better!


Photo: V (Valentiny), Clothing: TopVintage Boutique, Assistance: my beloved grandma!

2. You can send personal things with a letter.

You can definitely send something personal with your letter! For instance, you can send a flower hidden inside the envelope, a necklace or even your scent! A piece of paper can definitely transfer someone’s energy and scent. The scent might not last long, but the aura remains the same.

Photo: V (Valentiny), Clothing: TopVintage Boutique, Assistance: my beloved grandma!

3. It’s old-fashioned!

Yes, that’s an advantage for someone who loves anything vintage related! What’s more old-fashioned than sending letters to your friends and loved ones? I always feel so much happiness when i receive a letter. I feel like a child opening a gift! Opening the envelope as quickly as possible to see what the letter is all about. It’s even better when it’s long!

Photo: V (Valentiny), Clothing: TopVintage Boutique, Assistance: my beloved grandma!

Yes, letters can take forever to arrive sometimes and you can’t just log in to a messenger to talk to the one you think of immediately. But they definitely hide so many beautiful things and can be so mysterious at the same time. Who doesn’t like a little mystery in their lives?


Photo: V (Valentiny), Clothing: TopVintage Boutique, Assistance: my beloved grandma!

Do you ever send letters? If not, would you ever consider sending one to someone? If so, to whom? Leave your comment here! ❤️

Thank you so much for reading darlings! I hope you liked it!

I’ll see you all on my next post! Stay amazing!

A Vintage Athenian💋




2 thoughts on “Writing letters!

  1. you seem really lovely and so romantic! you’re like me! would you mind love, if i were to email you so well i could write you poetry and get to know you?


    1. Thank you for your kind words but I accept emails just for business! I hope you’re enjoying your week! 😊


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