Diogenous 9, Plaka: my great grandfather’s antique shop!

Hello lovelies!


So my lovely grandma, is really cool herself, but has also some very cool relatives too! ❤️ Her one brother Vasilis, uncle of mine, was a famous dancer who was traveling all around the world and had an antique shop in the island of Paros, Greece! Her other brother, my uncle Takis, has a leather/fur shop in Varkiza, Athens and i can keep talking about all of her really cool siblings! However, in this post i’ll be talking about her father George Yakoumis, my great grandfather who used to have an antique shop in the neighborhood of Plaka, in Athens. ❤️

My great grandfather, my great grandmother and their family/friends!

To begin with, Plaka is one of the oldest neighborhoods of Athens and it has been inhabited since antiquity. It was developed around the Ancient Market (greek: Αρχαία Αγορά) under the Acropolis and there are so many houses from the 1950s and even earlier! It is also known for its labyrinth kind of streets and neoclassical but Cycladic architecture as well!

Now let’s talk about my great grandfather and his antique shop! My grandma and her entire family moved to Athens from the island of Mytilene around the 50s. My grandfather though, had been collecting antiques and vintage items many years before that and had been selling them with the help of his older sons back in the island. 

When they arrived in Athens, he opened his antique shop in the neighborhood of Plaka! The shop had also a yard and even though it wasn’t that big it was grand enough to attract guests! At the shop he was selling all of the items he had been collecting for so many years.


My great grandfather died at the 1970s and at that time his family closed the antique shop. However, many of the items that he and my uncle (the famous dancer, Vasilis) had, are still in our warehouse.

Outside my great grandfather’s antique shop!

The building of the antique shop was owned by some people back then, but when we got to visit the closed antique shop after so many years, the door and the lockers were exactly as they had left them. Also, even though the owners were living upstairs, the house was now abandoned.


The upstairs!

They might have died as well but what happened to the ownership of the building? Was it given to relatives or to the government? I will try to find more information the next days and with God giving us hope we will have some positive results. 

The tavern ”Platanos” which is there since 1932, is a few steps away from my great grandfather’s antique shop. My great grandfather used to buy refreshments and stuff from there.

I would really appreciate it if you could share this post so that more people can see it and maybe we can find the owners or someone who has information easier!

Thank you so much for the help and for reading my post lovelies! I hope you liked it! I will see you all on my next post!

A Vintage Athenian💋 


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