Look vintage by being modern!

Hello darlings!

I know how hard it is for someone to change their entire style into a whole different one and especially in the vintage scene where the clothes are most of the times pretty expensive. It was very hard for me to start creating my wardrobe all over again, that’s why it’s taking a long time to have a huge vintage inspired collection. I started buying vintage inspired clothes last summer and now (after almost 8 months) i can finally say i’m satisfied by the number of vintage inspired clothes that are in my wardrobe.

That’s why i wanted to give you a couple of tips to help you look vintage in a really easy way! Let’s see! 🤔 

1.  It’s all about accessories!


A great friend and also a very swell man, once told me that vintage is all about accessories! I was still pretty new to the vintage scene when he told me that, but after a while i started realizing he was right! You don’t have to wear a swing dress to look vintage! You can also look vintage with a pair of cat sunglasses, a scarf around your hair, a fascinating brooch for your shirt or even a flower on your hair!

2. Make your hair look vintage!


You don’t have anything vintage related to wear? Make a vintage hairstyle! It’s pretty easy and it doesn’t need much accessories. You can even use no accessories at all. You will find plenty of vintage ispired hairstyles through the internet. Some of them are really complex but there are also some simple ones as well. When i don’t want to use much hairspray or heating i usually do some simple curls and wear a flower on the one side! Remember: a simple flower/hair accessory can make your hairstyle look really elegant!

3. Combine everything with a vintage inspired makeup!


If we are talking about the 40s/50s we all have in mind nice eyeliners, pink cheekbones and red lips! That’s exactly what you have to do. Of course you can use eyeshadows etc. Furthermore, since i started having pretty much the same makeup routine, it started getting faster and easier. I just add a different eyeshadow or lipstick each time. The eyeliner though, remains the same. Also, keep in mind that if you are not good with the eyeliner (i was bad as well), practice makes you better!

Do you still think you can’t be vintage in modern clothes? Vintage is not just about clothing darlings. It’s about attitude, lifestyle and so many other things too! So, don’t worry about having to buy many vintage inspired dresses etc. You can be vintage without having to spend too much money if you can’t! Of course, having vintage clothes helps a lot but it’s not just about that. I really hope this helps! 

Thank you so much for reading lovelies! I hope you enjoyed it! I’ll see you all on my next post! ❤️

A Vintage Athenian💋 



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