Can antiques be spooky?

Hello darlings!

If you follow my Instagram account you probably saw the poll i did some days ago about antiques and vintage items. I asked you whether you think antiques are spooky or not, after a conversation i had with my best friend about this. He thinks that old items, especially personal ones, can be pretty mysterious and creepy. 


The poll.


So, 68% of you answered no while 32% answered yes! So there are actually people who think antiques and vintage stuff are creepy. I would like to talk about this a little more though. 


Photo from my collection showing some sailors (Greek navy) and some citizens back in the 1930s in Greece. The compass is a reproduction antique.


To begin with, let me tell you that the only truly vintage things i collect are photographs from the 1900-1950s. I have some reproduction antiques and some true antiques too (i’ve told you about my family’s old antique shops) but i avoid buying really personal things that were once owned by other people. I’m even careful when it comes to buying photographs for my collection. I try not to buy family photos or ones with texts behind them, that are mostly written for other people who maybe didn’t even manage to read those texts. For instance, i once wanted to buy a photo of a young man in Greece near a small port back in the 40s, but i didn’t. There was a long personal letter for his mother, if i’m not mistaken, behind the photo and his words were really touching and moving. So the reason i don’t buy so personal old things is because i’m not the one who should have them. Those photos and letters were meant for some special people of those being shown in the pictures. I have nothing to do with them and it would be pretty sad to own something like that. That’s my opinion at least. 


Athens War Museum.


It’s pretty much the same with vintage clothes, jewelry and other similar items. I truly believe that every item tranfers a specific energy either from the person wearing it or the era itself. I know there are so many people buying clothes and items from the 1940s and even earlier that were being worn before and i find it amazing as i might give it a try too sometime. But i really get that sad feeling when i think of owning a personal item that was once owned by someone else (we don’t even know what happened to them) and it probably meant something to them. 


Antique furniture at Athens in the city center.


So, are they spooky or it’s just about their energy? 🤔 I suppose we all imagine ghost stories and haunted places when we think of antiques, war items and old houses. Well, if you believe in ghosts i suppose all those things can be really nicely connected with them. What’s a better connection than a soilder’s item with a ghost story about them haunting the item? 


Athens War Museum.


Let me tell you though, that i haven’t seen any ghosts in the War Museum in Athens which has SO many things from the past, so even if they do exist, which i can’t doubt, there is truly nothing to worry about i assume! ❤️ 

We can see things the other way too though. What if you buy an antique and you restore it or clean it etc? The person who had that item would be truly proud and thankful if you took care of their items.


Old house in Plaka, Athens.


So yes. Antiques can sometimes become ”spooky” but not in the frightening way in my opinion. However, if you have something about an old item to tell me that it might be connected to a personal story or a scary one, just email me at! If i recieve any, i’ll make sure to make a post about them!

Thank you so much for reading darlings! I hope you enjoyed it! I’ll see you all on my next post! 

A Vintage Athenian💋


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