There is good in this world.

Hello my loves!

I apologize for not being too active lately but if you follow my Instagram account you know how busy i am with college. However, i am finally done with classes so it’s time to start writing more here!

I wanted to talk to you about a specific incident that occured last week when i was leaving from college to go home. There is a convinience store a few steps away and the owner is an old man with his wife from what i know. I keep seeing him everyday since i started college and he always seems to have such a positive aura.


To begin with, i was waiting at the corner of the street for my mother to come and pick me up and at first, a guy fell off his motorbike right in front of us. So the old man went out to ask him if he needed any help. The guy seemed to be a refugee and there is a big controversy over this in Greece (that’s another story). But i’m trying to make clear that even though he was a refugee and most of the people here feel awkward with this situation, this old man tried to help him.


After that, and after i had been waiting for a while he made a motion to me asking me if i needed any help. I said no thank you but he said he could help me move with the wheelchair if i needed help. I still insisted and at that moment my mother arrived. However, i had seen him going back inside his store and grabbed a bottle of water. I immediately understood that it was for me. So he came across the street (even though he couldn’t walk easily) and gave the bottle to my mother. With tears in his eyes he said ”I see you two every day and i admire you so much!” and walked back to his store. 

The next day the store was closed.

There was a sign on the door saying that it will be sold and i truly got very sad about it. However, some days after that the old man was in there again and my mother went to thank him. He said that he had cried many times while watching us and this got me thinking that even though we were just two strangers for him, he cared more than people we know do.

So, don’t feel disappointed while thinking that there are no good people nowadays. No. There are many good people. We just have to search a bit more to find them and we unfortunately have to be a little careful with everyone.


I really hope you liked my post darlings, even though it wasn’t vintage related! But i wanted to share it with you. Thank you so much for reading!

A Vintage Athenianđź’‹


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