My 3 favorite vintage inspired stores!

Hello my loves!

So when i first started dressing vintage i had no idea where to start from. I was trying to find a good vintage store and to do that i had to see where my favorite vintage models were buying from.

So in this post i’ll be talking about my 3 favorite vintage inspired stores and hopefully you will like them too!

Ā  1. Top Vintage Boutique

Top Vintage Boutique is actually my favorite store by far! It has so many vintage inspired brands, it is in Europe (The Netherlands) and the people who work in there are just AMAZING! They are the sweetest staff by far and the packages of the clothes are incredibly beautiful!


Plus, they always send me a small gift with every order! Not to mention about the fast shipping! It takes around a week to receive each package and they are sent with the DHL courier so there is no fear of your package getting lost! I would totally recommend Top Vintage to everyone!

Photo by V (, clothing by Top Vintage Boutique.

Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  2. ASOS

Even though ASOS is not really a vintage store, it has some amazing vintage inspired clothing! I have shopped some of my favorite dresses from there and they also have some really beautiful vintage inspired jewelry. Moreover, for the ladies who love flower accessories they have some swell headpieces and floral designs! Their packages are always prepared with care and if you choose the fast shipping method you will have your item the next working day (with the DHL courier)! The only disadvantage is the expensive shipping rate. You can choose the free shipping as well but you will receive your item in more than 10 days.

Dress by ASOS.

Ā  3. Collectif Clothing

Collectif is another favorite store of mine! They have some really beautiful vintage inspired clothes and also some beautiful accessories! Their packages are well prepared and the shipping is pretty fast! It is free and it takes around a week to arrive (at least in Greece)! Also, if you are a color lover you will love Collectif! Their designs are so playful and cute that they will make you want to buy everything! I haven’t taken any photos with the products bought from Collectif yet, but i have used many Collectif items through Top Vintage Boutique.

Hair clip by Collectif (taken from Top Vintage)

I really hope this post helped most of you! What is your favorite vintage or vintage inspired store?

Thank you so much for reading darlings! I’ll see you on my next post!

A Vintage AthenianšŸ’‹Ā 

P.S All of the thoughts stated above are completely personal and honest. I’m not advertising any of the stores at this post.


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