Trust Him.

Hello my loves!


Since there was a small debate on whether i should write about vintage dates or vintage expressions on my Instagram page (the poll’s result was 50%-50%), i decided to write about something completely different, not vintage related and personal as well.

If you don’t believe in God and you don’t wish to read this post feel free to close your tab. Let’s just avoid negative comments since i’m writing this post to help some people out there. 

So let’s see. I’m sure that every one of you, even if you believe in God a lot, you sometimes wonder why He doesn’t help you with… simply everything! You might be wondering why He doesn’t give you something you really want and why it’s taking Him so long to give you something you desire too much. You might be also wondering why He doesn’t give you answers to something that’s bothering you. But, think about it. Are you sure He isn’t giving you answers?

Things are more simple than how we imagine them to be. God listens even our most silent prayers. He sends difficulties on our way to make us stronger and prepare us for something big in the future. Or just to make us better human beings and to help us believe in Him more. 

When you pray for something that you desire you must have a specific question in your mind: do i really need this?

If the answer is yes, then God will either help you achieve it or He will show you why you shouldn’t have it (even by giving you something better at times). God gives us what we truly need most of the times and not what we want. 

You might be wondering now why He doesn’t give you what you need immediately. One of the simplest answers on this one is that He actually wants you to grow stronger while waiting for it. He wants you to believe in Him and truly trust Him. Everything we are being through is a challenge and we must get through it. No, it’s not impossible. We can get through so many things if we have faith in Him.

Now let’s assume that you seek answers for something and you pray to God every night for it. Well, it is obvious that God will not give you answers immediately. It might take days, months or even years depending on your problem. But can you really notice the answers? Remember to always observe even the smallest things that occur in your life. An important answer might be hiding in them! For instance, let’s say you are deeply in love with someone but they don’t seem to like you back. You pray to God to help you and show you why that special person of yours is not interested. Some months go by and you still wonder. But you accidentally meet the love of your life during a beautiful summer night. You fall in love with them and so do they and after some years you get married. Do you understand now why it wouldn’t work with the other person?

This was just one random example so i will give you one from my personal life. If you follow my Instagram page you know that i am in a wheelchair cause of an accident i had. After like 8 years i can finally realize that if this accident which changed my entire life hadn’t occurred, i wouldn’t have met some really special people (my best friend and other important people, my partner etc) that are close to me. I probably wouldn’t even had this blog right now and i simply wouldn’t be.. me! I am so grateful for being here with the people i have next to me and with the difficulties i am facing every day. We are alive and that’s a huge gift already, don’t forget that! Everything happens for a reason and God keeps giving answers to our questions. What we need to do is to observe everything and keep our eyes open.

To sum up, there comes a point in your life when you pray that something happens to help you keep going. You may sometimes think that God doesn’t listen to you because what you ask for is not given to you immediately. But if you’re truly patient and have faith in Him, what you truly need will be given to you, in the right time🕊

If we completely trusted God, our lives would be so much easier

What you ask for, will be given to you. Don’t lose your faith

At that point and before finishing my post, i want to say how thankful i am for a specific special person who got into my life lately and just helped me see things clearly and positive again. This wonderful human being is my beloved partner who got in my life at the right time.

I hope you enjoyed this post my darlings! Thank you so much for reading!

A Vintage Athenian💋


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