Are you… vintage?

Hello my darlings!

I keep seeing so many swell people out there trying to look and dress vintage lately. All of them are doing an amazing job as far as styling is concerned. However, very few of them truly look vintage and have this old-fashioned aura. So is vintage just a dress code or is it something deeper? That’s what i’ll be talking about in this post!

To answer at the question above, vintage is obviously not just clothes and hairstyles. Vintage is a lifestyle which is hard to follow. Of course there are people who don’t wish to follow it and just want to dress vintage because they adore the retro fashion. But there are also those who want to truly look vintage! 

Let me be honest with you, it is very hard to have a vintage aura nowadays. I am into this old-fashioned world for a while now and i don’t even know if i have managed to have this retro energy. But i do try my best! 

Vintage lifestyle is very hard to follow considering the way our society is. But if you really want to adopt this vintage energy and not just dress vintage for a day, then keep reading!

   1. Have good manners.


I know having good manners is not something vintage related since it should be happening anyways, but it is something that people forget nowadays. 

Not everyone was kind back then either, but things were way different! Young people treated older ones politely and the old ones were proud of the new generation. Parents were teaching their children how to love others and be polite even to those who weren’t, brothers and sisters were helping at each other and friends were true ones! Couples were speaking more instead of arguing all the time. This was helping them to not break up after a month for simply nothing important. Men were true gentlemen and women were true ladies. Imagine having a man who treats you like you are the only woman in this world and imagine having a lady who only dreams how to be next to you even at the hardest moments. And this will lead us to number 2!

  2. Have an old-fashioned relationship.

What’s wrong about having an old-fashioned relationship? People back then used to truly fall in love and then truly love each other. You know why? Because they didn’t have relationships based on sex. Yes, sex was very important back then too but it wasn’t working the way it works now. People used to date each other for a while till they actually had sex (not to mention that most of them were ha1940-army-gals-dresses-350x279ving sex after getting married). Imagine having an interesting book in your hands. You start reading it and you are very impatient to see the ending. So instead of reading the entire book, you just move to the final pages. After reading the ending you realize that you pretty much feel empty and you haven’t even understood why the book ended like that since you skipped most of it. It’s the same with a relationship. Imagine dating someone for a month let’s say, and then you end up having sex with them. Would it feel the same if you had had sex with them after four months, six months or even a year? Of course not. Sleeping with someone you haven’t explored yet will leave you with an empty feeling and you will end up not wanting to truly be with that person. No, i’m not saying that sex is not fun! But why having sex just to satisfy your flesh if you want to have a serious relationship? Why not sleeping with someone you truly care about? If you want to have sex for fun without feelings, then don’t get in a serious relationship. So what i’m saying is that you don’t have to rush things. Be patient and read the whole book! Nobody died from not having sex for a while after all.

Apart from sex, an old-fashioned relationship includes many other things. Men used to be true gentlemen back then. They used to bring flowers to their ladies, they used to get to know to their parents, they used to pick them up with their car and treat them the best way possible. Ladies on the other hand, used to be so excited to go out with their loved ones that they were getting ready so many hours before their date. They were using hair rollers a day before, they were making their nails, they were searching for the best dress possible and they were trying to simply look amazing! Then, they were sweet and caring to their man and they were always next to them. They were even cooking to them to impress them (at that point, i’m disappointed with myself because my partner cooks more than me 🤣 )! But of course, let’s not forget the dances! Couples were dancing A LOT back then! Dancing and music brings people closer after all!


  3. Listen to old music.

Old music will definitely help you have a more vintage aura! I know that this is something based on one’s music taste but trust me, there are so many beautiful genres that you will like! I prefer jazz (my huge love) but i even listen to the blues and rockabilly! I used to be a metalhead before changing everything, so from that you can understand that even someone with such music taste can love the oldies! 

  4. Read old books and make some history research.

Reading old books can help you get in the vintage lifestyle for good! For instance, i love reading the books of Agatha Christie. She gives such amazing details and you can definitely learn a lot for the 30s-40s from her (tip: the series based on Agatha Christie’s books are VERY helpful too)!


Also, don’t forget to make some history research when getting into the vintage lifestyle! Look at old pictures, read about facts and get to know how things worked back then! I am an old-pictures-collector so this helps a lot to observe how people were looking back then! So see how people were standing, how their expressions were and how they were acting in public!

  5. Decorate your room.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για vintage decor
Found it at: (click at the link for more awesome vintage decor ideas).

One way to help you get into the …vintage spirit, is to actually change your room’s decor a little! You can either change it completely if you are able to, but since it is something hard you can just add some vintage inspired decorations or even antiques! For example, i really wanted to change my room and make it look more 30s-40s. However, my room always reminded of the 50s. So what i could do is keep it like that and just add more 1950s decor with some 30s-40s reproduction antiques. Also, flowers help a lot at making your place look vintage and old-fashioned! Flowers save everything, keep that in mind!

  6. Avoid technology when possible.

I know this is not even 50% possible! But avoiding technology at some point will help you get that vintage energy! You cannot stop using technology and you shouldn’t since it helps at many things, but try to avoid it when you don’t need it. For instance, my grandma and i have a friend from Germany (for so many years) and even though we have each other’s emails, we still send letters instead! We only email one another once or twice a year!

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για 40s lady reading letter
Illustration by Marcella Walker.

Also, don’t use your phone when being out with your family, friends or partner. Not only is it rude but it also makes us stop communicating. It makes us forget the beauty of talking to each other while looking at the other person. It is even better to go out with someone even everyday (when this is possible) instead of talking to them through facebook etc. Not to mention it makes us pretty much miss everything around us. We have stopped observing the beauty of this world.

  7. Visit museums.

Athens War Museum.

Visiting museums is like reading books about history but in a more fun way let’s say. It helps you observe old items while learning about their history in person! Visiting a museum is fun either you do it alone or with a friend and it definitely offers you much knowledge. You can choose the kind of museum you like the most but war museums (aviator, navy etc), car museums and art ones help the most when it comes to vintage lifestyle.

  8. Learn vintage expressions.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για 1930s photos
California – 1930s

I will definitely do a post about this one soon but knowing some vintage expressions definitely helps you get in the vintage scene. It is hard to remember to use them at the beginning but after a while, you get used to it! Before using them though make sure to fully understand what they mean!

  9. Watch old movies.

Watching old movies is pretty much like reading old books, in a way. You get to see how people used to dress, talk and act back then! The differences of how people do everything now in comparison with the old times, are significant! Even the way we move has changed so much from time to time.

Some of my favorite old movies you should definitely check are: Some like it hot, Keep your powder dry, You were never lovelier, I’ll be seeing you and so many more. I think i should write a different post about this one!

  10. Go outside.

Last but definitely not least, going out of the house is a must. People back then didn’t have the technology we have now so they used to go out of their house to have fun. They used to appreciate the beauty of the nature and they were truly loving it (at least most of them). Going out will not only help you get into the vintage lifestyle, but it will also help you in your life in general. It will fix your mood and it will improve your health too.

Plaka, Athens, Greece.

So that’s all about vintage lifestyle and how to start having that true vintage aura! There are more things of course but these are the most important ones! Let me tell you that i will soon take an interview from the owner of The Young Gentleman’s Guide, Max, and he will tell us everything about how a gentleman used to treat ladies back then and what men should do nowadays to become true gentlemen like the old times.

Thank you so much for reading darlings. I hope you enjoyed it!

A Vintage Athenian💋


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