Malachi Springer: the gentleman


I first saw Malachi almost a year ago at a post by Vintage Life Magazine. I was looking at his pictures in awe. I didn’t know him but i remember telling to myself ”this man looks so special, i have to get to know him”. And luckily, i did.


Malachi was that old-fashioned true gentleman everyone would love to know. He was a historian and a reenactor and loved anything vintage related. His aura could travel you in the past while his manners were out of this world. He looked so swell and he was always so well-groomed. His mustache was the best mustache i had ever seen and his hair always looked so grand!


Malachi giving the bible to a veteran during the Memorial Day.


He was always so kind with everyone and was never afraid to share his opinion. He was helping so many people and was a true soldier of God.

He truly believed in God and his lifestyle was based on his beliefs. He used to pray for my health problem all the time and he was extremely supportive. He once said ”the wheelchair doesn’t define you”. When i had been having issues finding a job because of my wheelchair, he couldn’t understand why people would treat me like that. He was too good for this world and he even suggested to help me get a job when i visit the states. He was like an angel on earth.


Malachi is the most special person i have ever met. He definitely belonged to another era. However, he inspired and helped so many people in our modern world, that one can tell, God had sent him to our era to fix as much as he could. He was that kind of man who would always be there to treat you just like a true gentleman back in the 30s would.


His passing on the 28th of May shocked the entire vintage community (and many more). He had a terrible accident on the 26th while returning home from the Colorado Freedom Memorial’s annual Memorial Day celebration and unfortunately, he didn’t make it.Ā 

I found out he was in the hospital on the 27th and i couldn’t believe what had happened. I really thought he would recover though. The next morning, i saw he had passed away. Knowing that i wouldn’t be able to see him or talk to him again while he meant so much to me, was extremely heartbreaking.Ā 


The entire week had been full of grieving and mourning. Also, the fact that i couldn’t be there to even let a flower to his funeral was making it even worse. That’s why i’m forever grateful to a friend who knew Malachi and got to attend at the Memorial Service which was held for him. That friend is Kyle Duran who got to get some beautiful flowers and gave them to Malachi’s sweet mother in behalf of me.Ā 


I know that anyone would tell me to move on and stop being sad. Even Malachi wouldn’t want us to be like that. He is definitely in a better place now, with God he loved so much. I am sure he is happy and will be taking care of us from above.


I am forever grateful to him for helping me change my entire lifestyle and for making me see the bright side again. He was the one teaching me so many things about being vintage and i am extremely proud for meeting him.Ā 

I really want to deeply thank Malachi’s family for raising a man like him. I couldn’t come to his funeral but i will soon try to visit Colorado.


My deepest condolences to his family and friends.

You will be incredibly missed Malachi. We love you so much.

May you Rest In Peace, my friend.Ā 

Till we meet again, i will keep all of the memories alive.




3 thoughts on “Malachi Springer: the gentleman

  1. Thank you Elena for the kind words about our son, Malachi. He was truly special to us and his family. We did not know the full meaning that he would give to his name, messenger of God. He is greatly missed but we know that he has reached his destination in the arms of his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. His greatest reward is sharing Christ’s love with others. We believe his life will continue doing that even in death.
    Jim and Sherry

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    1. Youā€™re most welcome, sir. It was my pleasure to write about Malachi. One can only say the best words about your son since there was nothing bad he ever did to anyone. He was a true messenger of God and was such a unique and beautiful soul! He was only helping people and was making them follow Godā€™s path. You are right, he will continue doing that even in death. I wish you and your wife can find peace through God while keeping all the beautiful memories of your wonderful son alive. We will hopefully meet Malachi again when God decides itā€™s the right time. Thank you so much for reading my post. I send you my greatest wishes and love!


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