What’s my era? (1910s-1920s)

Hello my darlings!

So some people who get into the vintage lifestyle know exactly what era suits them from the very beginning. There are others though (i am one of them), who find which era suits them best after a while and after trying different vintage styles. 


(The Christmas Snowball in Athens 2017)

For instance, when i first got in the vintage scene i was head over heels for the 1950s! I wasn’t really into the earlier eras and after a couple of months i started falling in love with the 1940s. And now, after almost a year, i can finally say my favorite eras are the 1920s till the early 1940s. How can you choose your era though? It is definitely something that takes time and it’s not easy since each era has something unique! That’s why i decided to make a few posts where we will be seeing each era in details. In today’s post we will be seeing the 1910s-1920s! Let’s begin!


The earlier eras! Those eras have definitely something magical. When looking at a 1910s or 1920s photo you will definitely feel that mysterious but innocent aura of the people in the pictures. It was when many things were invented, like the build of the sewing machine (January 1910) and it was when the World War I occurred as well.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για wwi couple
PHOTO: Archive photo, Lt. Adrian C. Duff. (Army) NARA FILE #: 111-SC-32080 WAR & CONFLICT BOOK #: 683 An old French couple, M. and Mme. Baloux of Brieulles-sur-Bar, France, under German occupation for four years, greeting soldiers of the 308th and 166th Infantries upon their arrival during the American advance. November 6, 1918. (http://ww1.canada.com/battlefront/quiz-first-world-war-trivia)

As far as fashion is concerned, women were mostly wearing straight-lined dresses, hats or tiaras but of course it depended on the occasion. However, the straight-lined dress whether it was short or long, was the main style in dresses (in comparison with the 1950s where we see swing dresses mostly). Also, let’s not forget about the first trousers back then!


Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για 1920 women pants
Palazzo style trousers (1920) https://thefashionplatemag.com/2016/06/02/fashion-history-the-palazzo-pant/

Men on the other hand, were mostly wearing suits, again depending on the occasion. The tuxedos were very popular back then though while hats were a must-have accessory!

Of course let’s not forget about their casual clothing which could be a simple suit or even some pants with a vest above a shirt/sweater or a simple sweater.


Men’s casual clothing.

Moving on to the makeup, women were into eyeshadows to make their eyes look bigger, in comparison with the 50s where we mostly see winged eyeliners! Moreover, they used to add a lot of blush and prefered the darker red shades of lipsticks.


As far the hairstyles are concerned, i assume most of you imagine that women back in the 1910s had only short hair. But that wasn’t the case at all! Women in the 1910s had actually very long hair and were creating some amazing hairstyles with braids and of course, curls! It was more common to see a woman with shorter hair after the 1920s since cutting your hair back then was indeed a very serious and controversial decision! Yes, women believed (and i agree) that long hair is more feminine that’s why they were trying to keep it long. They used to do those Marcel waves though if they had shorter hair or that famous bob style!






(Bob hairstyle on the left, Marcel waves on the right)

Men though used to have that always shiny stick back or that classy side part hairstyles! There were many ways they would make their hair but that was the main idea. Of course, a moustache was very popular back then. You could see such swell moustaches everywhere and one can tell that a barber had many clients back in the 20s (which is now back in fashion)!


Moving on to the music, there wasn’t a lot of technology back then. ”Acoustical recording was the form of recording they used, where singers and musicians would sing around a cone that would pick up sound to direct a needle to put grooves in a disc.” says the History and Evolution of Music. 

A very popular genre back then was the blues and ragtime. However, at the late 19th century jazz was developed from the roots of the genres mentioned above (if you want to know more about the history of jazz you can read my post about it All about Jazz!). Of course, we shouldn’t forget about the so well-known Charleston dance which was very popular back in the 1920s!

Of course all of the things mentioned above are just about one’s style and entertainment. As i said on my Are you… vintage? post, being vintage is more than just that. So if you really like these eras (1910-1920) you will have to make a better research. Keep in mind that the older the era, the harder it is for us to follow it. People back in the 1910s-1920s used to have the best manners and the way they used to talk was totally different. Men were true gentlemen (most of them) and women were true ladies (again, most of them). There are always exceptions of course. 

The main goal between a couple was marriage and relationships were way different from what they are now and as one can imagine, much more romantic. 

So this was the first part of the ”What’s my era” posts. I really hope you enjoyed it. Thank you so much for reading darlings and stay tuned for part two in which i will be talking about the 1930s (my favorite era)! 

A Vintage Athenian💋













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