WWII Advertisements

Hello darlings!

I was looking at some WWII advertisements the other day and I noticed that most of the companies, were trying to sell their products in one specific way: by encouraging people. They were motivating them that the war would soon be over or that their products were the right ones for those who defend their countries and so on. Let’s have a look at some posters and talk about them further.

1. Food advertisements

“Candy is a fighting food”… “Chocolate is a fighting food”… “…make up a batch of those golden-brown, crunchy Toll House Cookies and send it to that soldier boy of yours.”

Those companies knew exactly what they were doing, don’t you think? They were using, not necessarily in a bad way, people’s weaknesses in order to increase their sales in a tough period. Who wouldn’t buy a chocolate as it’s a “fighting food” to make the soldiers stronger? The target group of the advertisement below though, were basically women whose men were fighting. Women’s everyday lives were very hard back then. Knowing that their loved one might be in danger was terrifying. Their thoughts were mostly with their soldiers so they would do anything to support them. Who wouldn’t make cookies for their boy who’s in the battlefield? I would definitely bake them!

2. Carpooling

This one really triggered my interest.

“When you ride alone you ride with Hitler”. There were many propaganda campaigns during the war and these were about carpooling.

These advertisements were encouraging Americans to conserve fuel and so on, with car-sharing. So many people owned cars during that time and as one can imagine, it was hard for someone to give up on their car.

Saving gas would most likely help the government get more war supplies.

3. Jobs advertisements

Since men were fighting in the battlefield, women had to take their place in every job.

It wasn’t easy for women to change their everyday routine over a whole different lifestyle. But they knew they had to help till the war would end.

“The more women at work the sooner we win”…”Do the job he left behind” and so many more slogans that were encouraging women to help the best way possible while their loved ones were fighting against the enemy.

4. Military jobs for women

Talking about helping the best way possible, women in the US were also encouraged to join WAC (Women’s Army Corps). Many posters about WAC started being around because as it seemed, the US army needed more soldiers to fill empty positions.

“This is my war too”… and it really was! Instead of waiting for their loved ones to return home, many women preferred to actually join the army and help their country.

The advertisement above is about a shampoo for lustrous hair, yet it shows a woman dressed in an army uniform while a poster about WAC is right behind her! What a great way to promote WAC huh?

So that was my short article about some basic advertisements during WWII. Advertisements were and still are, a great way to encourage people to either buy a product or join an organization etc. They know exactly how to trigger someone’s interest, depending on their target audience. Imagine how easier it was during war when people were desperate to find something to give them hope.

Thank you very much for reading loves. I hope you enjoyed it!

I will see you all on my next post!

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